How Do I Unlink My Apple ID From My Viki Account?

If you want to stop signing in to your Apple ID on Viki, you can unlink your Apple ID from your Viki account by taking the steps below: 

Unlinking Your Apple ID
  1. Go to Settings and tap on your Apple ID profile

    apple id settings 1.jpeg

  2. On your Apple ID page, select Sign-In & Security

    apple id user 2.jpeg

  3. Under the Sign-In & Security section, tap on Sign in with Apple.

    apple id sign in and security 3.jpeg

  4. On the list of all the applications under Apps Using Apple ID, select Viki.

    apple id apps using apple id 4.jpeg

  5. To unlink from Viki, tap on Stop using Apple ID.

    apple id stop using apple id 5.jpeg
 Once you unlink your Apple ID from your Viki account, you can still access the data saved in this account by logging in via Apple ID on the app again.
How Do I Then Log Into the Apple ID Created Account?

You will then need to log in via Email Login using the Apple-generated email and reset your password.

To find out your Private Relay Apple ID email, please click here