What is Viki Pass?

Mariliam -

Viki Pass is a subscription service that allows you to watch exclusive content, free of ads and in HD*.

We have 4 plans available:

Viki Pass Standard $4.99USD/month and $49.99USD/year

Viki Pass Plus (Americas only) $9.99USD/month and $99.99USD/year

Logged in users can subscribe through their Viki Pass Settings page, via viki.com/pass  or mobile apps.

All first-time subscribers are entitled to a free 30-day trial, after which, the subscription will automatically renew into the selected monthly/annual subscription.

Your subscription will also let you enjoy your Viki Pass benefits on any of our apps. You can find out more about our available apps here.

Learn how to sign up for Viki Pass here.

*HD where available and subject to a strong internet connection

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