Viki Pass Subscription

Viki Pass is a subscription service that allows you to watch exclusive content, free of ads and in HD quality (at least 720p).

There are two plan tiers with annual and monthly billing options - Viki Pass Standard and Viki Pass Plus.

  HD only where available and is subject to a strong internet connection. 

   Why do I need Viki Pass to watch certain content?

Viki Pass exclusive shows are first made available to subscribers of these plans and then to everyone else in the licensed regions. Therefore, the days that they remain behind Viki Pass will vary. In some cases, these shows remain exclusive to Viki Pass subscribers until the end of their license period.

The first 2-4 episodes will be accessible in licensed regions for some On-Air shows, while the rest will only be available with a Viki Pass Standard or Plus subscription. If you’d like uninterrupted viewing access to these shows, you can consider upgrading your subscription to Viki Pass Standard or Viki Pass Plus.

Please note that we license the content only for a limited time. Once a license expires, we’re unable to guarantee the availability of these shows on Viki. If renewed, there might also be restrictions placed on the accessibility to non-Viki Pass subscribers. 
   7-day Free Trial

First-time subscribers may receive a free 7-day trial, after which the subscription will automatically renew into the selected monthly/annual subscription.

  Free trials and automatic renewals might not apply for certain users subscribing via Google Play Store (India). More details here.

   Streaming Devices
Your subscription will let you enjoy your Viki Pass benefits on any of our apps as long as you are logged into the same account that you had subscribed to. You can find out more about our available apps here.

Viki Pass will unlock exclusive features for certain devices as well:

    • Chromecast devices - Casting feature

    • Streaming for up to 4 devices at the same time (for Viki Pass Plus subscribers within the Americas only)

    • Samsung TV and LG TV devices - Access to the Viki app

   New Feature

The new Offline Viewing feature is currently available in select regions only. Users from these regions will be able to access it with a Viki Pass Plus subscription or a supported rental title on selected apps.

Our team is working on releasing to more users soon so do keep a lookout for updates on this article!

   Getting Started

Begin your journey as a Viki Pass subscriber with these guides:

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