Why am I still seeing the ad blocker message even after turning off ad blockers?

If you notice that the ad-block message still appears after you have disabled your ad-block or safe-listed Viki, likely, something else on your computer or network is still causing the detection to fail.

Helpful steps to troubleshoot

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies How do I clear the cache and cookies on my web browser?
  2. Close your current window, then launch a new window
  3. Log back into your Viki account
  4. Follow the steps here to disable or ensure that Adblock is disabled
  5. Try again from another web browser with the same steps above
If the ad-block message appears on SOME of your browsers
  1. Refer to this article to adjust specific browser settings that might block ads/trackers
  2. Try watching Viki from another web browser
If the ad-block message appears on ALL of your browsers
  1. Look for other browser extensions or installed programs in your computer that might block trackers/cookies; or have a hidden AdBlock feature (Eg. NoScript, Kaspersky Anti-Banner, Avira Safe Shopping, Avira Antivirus, Ghostery, PrivacyBadger, or Disconnect)
  2. Disable or remove these extensions/programs and try loading the video on Viki again
  3. Try watching Viki on another device or supported app
If the above steps do not help, it might be related to your connection
  1. Connect to another network (e.g., mobile data or another WIFI connection) and try loading the video on Viki again
  2. Contact your Internet Service Provider to inquire if there are any built-in security features in your network that might be causing this issue.

After following all the steps above, I still see the ad-block message screen. What can I do next? 

Please reach out to us here and include the following:

  • Did you find any other browser extensions or installed programs that might be causing this issue?
  • Have you tried connecting to another network?
  • Does this issue occur on all your browser types?
  • A screenshot or photo of your browser settings that shows your browser extensions
  • Browser version and operating system. Click here to see and share your browser's unique URL link with us.Screenshot_2020-03-09_at_11.27.54_AM.png