Why am I seeing a “Device Streaming Limit Hit” error message?

Viki limits the number of concurrent streams per account for security reasons. 

Currently, the limit for the number of devices that can be streamed at the same time for each Viki Pass plan in North, Central and South America is as follows:

  • Viki Pass Standard: 1 device
  • Viki Pass Plus: Up to 4 devices

Your Viki account will allow you to log in to all your supported devices, but streaming limits will apply based on your plan.

What can I do if I see this error message?

If you would like to increase the limit on the number of concurrent streams, please upgrade to Viki Pass Plus. You can learn how to upgrade your subscription here. Do note that Viki Pass Plus is only available in certain regions.

If you’re seeing this error message but are not aware of other devices using your account, please try resetting your password before logging in to your account. This will log out all devices from your account but it may take up to an hour before you will be able to stream without the error message.

If the above steps do not help, please reach out to us here.