Why do I see an "Expired" notice on my downloaded title?

Your device will only store downloaded titles on your device for a limited period of time. With each download, a countdown displays the duration left to watch (and re-watch) that title or episode before the download expires. Titles that expire after download will display the "Expired" notice.

For Non-Rental Titles

For Non-Rental titles, once a download expires, you can re-download it again as long as you have a Viki Pass Plus subscription. If you cancel, any existing downloads will be automatically deleted from your device after your subscription period ends. To re-download these titles again you will need to re-subscribe to Viki Pass Plus.

For Rental Titles

For Rental titles, you have 30 days to access the show. Once you start watching or downloading, your movie rental will expire in 48 hours. When the availability expires, you will have to re-purchase the title to watch it. 

Note: Titles no longer available on Viki will display the "Expired" notice, regardless of when you downloaded that title. Title availability varies by region. For downloaded titles no longer available in your region, a "Content unavailable in this country" notice will be displayed. Titles no longer on Viki or unavailable in your region will no longer be available to watch or download.