India viewers only: Content Grievance Redressal

About Content Grievance Redressal
In compliance with the applicable laws of India, this Content Grievance Redressal mechanism is available for the Viki Community in India. If you have any grievances or feedback about a particular program currently available in India, such as its content or age ratings, please follow the steps below to reach out to us.

Viki’s Content Grievance Officer
Wei-Shen M is Viki’s Content Grievance Officer.
You can reach him at <>.

How to contact Viki about a Content Grievance
We’re here to listen.

Simply send us an email at <> with the following details:

  • Subject title of email: India Content Grievance Report
  • Details about the title: Name of program episode number (if applicable) and URL link to the program on Viki
  • Summary of grievance or feedback: Reasons for your grievance or feedback about the program, including the category of grievance (for example, content of title or age ratings), screenshots and/or time-stamps (in HH:MM:SS format)
  • Your contact details: Your name and email address to use for correspondence related to this report
  • Country of viewing: Your physical location when viewing the program
  • Date of viewing: Date you viewed the program

Content Grievance Redressal Process
We aim to acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours and respond to your grievance within 15 days from the date we receive your complete complaint.