How Do I Follow / Subscribe a Show?

Following a show allows you to get updates on the Viki mobile app, notifying you when new episodes and/or subtitles are available.

  You will have to be logged into your Viki account on your mobile app to receive the notifications. You will only get notified for the 100 most recently followed shows.

  • How Do I Follow a Show?

You can follow licensed shows in your region on the Channel page by clicking the bell icon on the Channel Page.


You can also unfollow the show by clicking on the same button again.

  • How Do I Locate My Followed Shows?

1. On the Viki homepage, click on the dropdown arrow at the top-right of the screen and select Following.


2. On your Following page, you will see the shows categorized under Series and Celebrities

new foillowing page.png

  You may unfollow a show using your mobile devices.
 Android/iOS app
  • How Do I Subscribe To a Show?

For the Viki Android/iOS app, the bell icon will only be shown on the channel page if the show is available in your region. Tap on the bell icon to follow the show.


  • How Do I Locate My Subscribed Shows?

1. On the Viki app, tap on ME at the bottom-right of the screen.

2. Tap on 'Subscribed Shows' to see the list of all the shows that you have subscribed.


To Unsubscribe from a show, tap on the Edit button on the top right-hand corner of the Subscribed Shows page.


Tap on the "-" symbol to remove a show. Tap on Done.


 Connected TV
  • How Do I Follow a Show?

    Instead of the bell icon for the Viki Connected TV app, it will indicate 'follow' or 'unfollow' to do so.

  • How Do I Locate My Followed Shows?

    1. On the main page, scroll to ME

    2. Scroll down to Following

    3. Scroll across to see all your followed shows 

  To unfollow a show, please go to your mobile app to proceed with this action.