How Do I Change My Password?

Changing Your Password

  1.   Log in to
  2.   Go to Subscription & Settings.
  3.   Under Accounts, below Basic Information, next to Password, click on Change.


  4. Enter your Current Password.
  5. Type your New Password, and Retype Password.
  6. Click on Change password button to confirm the password change.


  Important Note:

We highly recommend following these guidelines to create a stronger password:

  1. Use a minimum of 12 characters for your password.
  2. Include a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (such as !, @, #, $, %, etc.).
  3. Do not use common phrases, personal information (like your name, birthday, or address), or easily accessible data (such as your phone number or license plate number) as part of your password.
  4. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts. Create a unique password for each account you have.
  5. Change your password every few months to make sure your account is secure.
 If you forgot your password, please refer to these instructions.