Viki Community Guidelines

The Viki Community is unlike any other in the world. We share a passion for discovering great content from around the globe, and for breaking down the language barriers that stand between great entertainment and its fans, wherever they are.

Please follow these simple guidelines, as well as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, to ensure a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Ignoring any of these guidelines may result in the removal of content, suspension of your account and/or further restrictions.

Respect fellow members of the Viki Community

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Viki is a positive space that fosters diverse and unique interactions between users from around the world. In order to preserve this safe space, please refrain from (including, but not limited to):

  • Personal attacks, insults, trolling, bullying, harassment, or threats towards other users
  • Aggressive insults or bashing other users’ fandom affiliations e.g. idols, actors (Not liking someone else’s idol is okay but please remain respectful at all times!)
  • Discriminatory, hateful, or derogatory statements about race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, nationality, etc.
  • Falsely reporting users for abuse

Share posts that are appropriate for diverse audiences

Viki Community members can be found in virtually all parts of the globe, are of all ages, and hold various points of view. Be conscious of our uniquely diverse community and refrain from sharing the following:

  • Marketing, advertising, spamming or soliciting of outside services or websites
  • Sexually explicit, extremely violent or disturbing content, including text, videos, or photos

Share things that you own or have the license for

Make sure you post things that are your own or have been given the “OK” to share. The posting or uploading of illegal content of any kind is not allowed and is subject to removal.

Follow the law

Be sensible and keep everything legal! Refrain from (including, but not limited to) the following:

  • Impersonating Viki staff, or otherwise falsely claiming to work for Viki
  • Reposting or publicly disclosing messages or PMs from any user including Viki staff. For messages from Viki staff, this excludes general announcements (ex. product updates, general outreaching messages).
  • Downloading copyrighted materials, or making them available for download
  • Creating an account for the purpose of deception; sock puppetry
  • Collecting or asking for passwords

Foster a positive subtitling and viewing experience

Viki is a place for both viewers and volunteers, and we encourage user participation, interaction and engagement. Help keep Viki a welcoming space for all users by NOT:

  • Discouraging anyone from participating in the Viki community
  • Adding spoilers in Comments, Timed Comments, Reviews (unless you have explicitly warned that a spoiler is to be expected), and Watch Party Live Chat 
    • A "spoiler" is defined as a comment that reveals plot details in a show or film which if previously known, may reduce surprise or suspense for a first-time viewer
    • On specific episode pages, you may discuss that episode and all previous episodes, but do not post spoilers for the next episodes
    • Fan theories and discussions of what may happen in future episodes are NOT considered spoilers

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Reporting the failure to follow these guidelines

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in account suspension or other further action. To report someone for failing to follow the guidelines, please follow these instructions

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