Timed Comments Policy

Timed Comments Guidelines

Reading Timed Comments can be a lot of fun! The sense of watching with friends and reacting in real time can be a great community experience. To make sure Timed Comment remain relevant and fun, we'll need your help.

  • When posting Timed Comments, please keep them related to the show or scene. Any technical feedback, subtitle availability and/or quality comments are subject to removal.
  • If you have any technical issues, please contact our customer experience team via this link.
  • Remember that our Viki Comment Policy applies as well. 

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the removal of the comment, account suspension or any other further actions.

How do I report a Timed Comment?

Fill out the information requested on this form with as many details as possible and submit. 

Do remember to include this important information:


We love our community and we want to empower you to look after one another. As such, we expect you to use timed comments and the reporting system around it responsibly. If we detect any abuse, we may have to suspend or ban your account.