How do I control how much data Viki uses?

Streaming videos on Viki can consume a moderate amount of data. If you are concerned with bandwidth or data limits, you can now restrict how much data Viki uses by adjusting maximum video playback quality on the Viki website and Viki Android app.

Note: This feature is only available for Viki Pass subscribers.
Web browser
  1. Login to
  2. Go to your Subscription & Settings
  3. Under General Settings, select High, Medium or Low quality.
Android Devices
  1. Tap on Me group_3x.png >> Tap on Settings more_3x_copy_2.png at the top right
  2. Scroll down to Video section
  3. Switch on Play HD only on WiFi
iOS Devices

To control how much data the Viki app on your iOS device uses, you can learn how to change video quality settings here.

Important: Restricting data usage will affect video quality.

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