Viki Pass - How do I ask for a refund?

Refunds will not be honored in the following scenarios:

  • Cancelation made after charges have been processed
  • Accidental purchase or upgrade
  • Forgot to cancel 
  • Content not available in the region or is unlicensed by Viki
  • Unused subscription
  • Subtitle delay or unavailability
  • Canceled but charged with no confirmation of prior cancelation
  • Subscription plans not intended to be accessible in your country (including purchases made via a VPN service)
Note: The above list is not exhaustive and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Refunds for Apple (iOS) and Roku Subscriptions

As Viki has no access to your Apple/Roku billing history, we cannot process refunds for subscriptions purchased through the iOS and Roku apps. To request a refund, users should follow the instructions found here - Apple/iOS or Roku

Refunds for Web and Google Play (Android) Subscriptions

Android and Web subscribers can request refunds by filling out this form, stating clearly the reason you're asking for a refund. Please keep in mind that filling in the form will not automatically grant your account a refund and your case will be reviewed by a support agent.