Viki Pass - How do I redeem a Promo Code?

What is a Promo Code?

Promo codes are discounts that can be redeemed when subscribing to a new Viki Pass plan. If you have a promo code, you can redeem it as part of the subscription process using the "GOT A PROMO CODE?" option under your card details on the checkout page.

Redeeming Promo Codes
  1. Login to your Viki account.
  2. Go to and select the right Viki Pass plan.

  3. Select either "Monthly" or "Annual" based on what your coupon entitles you to.


  4. Insert your Credit Card information. A promo code will not work without a credit card.
  5. Click on "Got a Promo Code?", enter your code and click on "Apply Code"


  6. Finally, click on "Submit". 


  • Once the coupon is applied, you will be subscribed to a recurring subscription commencing automatically upon the expiry of the coupon period. You can change or cancel your subscription any time before the coupon ends. Visit the Subscription & Settings page in your account to do so.
  • Promo codes can only be redeemed once.

Can I redeem Promo Codes on a mobile subscription?

Promo Codes can only be redeemed when subscribing to Viki Pass on and cannot be redeemed on our mobile apps. As promo codes can only be redeemed with a new Viki Pass subscription, you will not be able to redeem them on active subscriptions.

If you currently have an active Viki Pass monthly or annual subscription (web or mobile) and received a promo code, please cancel your current subscription and wait until the end of your billing cycle. This will allow you to redeem your code when restarting the subscription.

For Promo Codes that are valid for more than one billing cycle, please be aware that your code and benefits will terminate if you cancel your subscription before the last billing cycle. For example, if you redeemed a two-month Viki Pass promo code but canceled the subscription within the first month's billing cycle, you will not renew for the second month's cycle. 

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