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Latest activity by dreamfall92
  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    Andere Bezahlmethoden wird es leider vorerst nicht geben (und scheint auch nicht geplant zu sein). Wenn man keine Kreditkarte hat, kann man sein Abo leider nur über die mobile App abschließen (z.B....

  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    I know how to renew my subscription via mobile. My main complaint is that the terms of this promo sale are not the same on all platforms. Since I am only able to renew my subscription via mobile ap...

  • dreamfall92 已建立貼文,

    Promo sale

    Who thought this terms/restrictions were a good idea? Since I don't own a credit card (no idea why you still offer only ONE payment method via web browser) this sale is useless for me as a "would ...

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  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    I'm using this feature in Netflix a lot. It's great to save data or when you go somewhere without internet access. Piracy shouldn't be a problem since you can only access and watch the videos via a...

  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    The web version has a Watch History and has a Continue Watching feature. The button is right next to the search bar.

  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    Other platforms are not always faster to add English subs. Maybe read up on Viki's FAQ to understand how this platform works. And you have to wait 21 days to watch the latest episodes if you got th...

  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    Viki Pass Plus doesn't give you access to the Kocowa site. They're two different platforms. But you get direct access to all Kocowa dramas Viki manages to license.

  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    @ckmhelms_381, @aquarian_54, @grfisher67_352 The following list still exists, but you have to access it under profile now.

  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    I think adding a playback function to fast forward scenes (x1.10,x1.20 etc.) would be even better. So far you can only do this by using a browser plugin.

  • dreamfall92 已評論,

    @pillowpuff, @chris_richman I don't know if you already noticed, but that feature was finally added to the web version! Thank you, Viki!