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irmar 近期的活動
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    [Solved] Guidelines about spoilers - a clarification needed

    I visit the Help section once in a while, and I'm happy to see that you have started populating it with new articles. Then I'd like to contribute by pointing out something that I found a bit lackin...

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    [Solved] Impossible to delete timed comments

    I am among the moderators of a series and, after the recent changes in the Manage section, it is impossible for me to delete timed comments pertaining to subtitle requests etc.  I won't go now into...

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    Improvements in the Explore page

    1. SHOW WHICH SHOWS ARE FREE TO WATCH without either vikipass or vikipass plus It is possible (I'm not sure) that if one is a free user, only free shows licensed to your region will be shown (this ...

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