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Latest activity by rberney1212_568
  • rberney1212_568 已評論,

    I finally found the solution.  I unplugged my TV and all (VCR, DVR, etc) and left it off for about 30 minutes. Miraculously, when I started it up again the subtitles wee on for much longer, long en...

  • rberney1212_568 已評論,

    The problem is that the subtitles are flashing, sometimes for only one second, so that we can't read them, even when they are only one line long.    I am using Roku on my TV. We are having the same...

  • rberney1212_568 已建立貼文,

    Too short English Subtitles

    The English subtitles come on for such a short period of time that I am unable to read them.  This makes the watching of the Korean and Japanese dramas UNWATCHABLE.   No sense in keeping the Viki8 ...

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