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Latest activity by lunamoontiger2000_415
  • lunamoontiger2000_415 已評論,

    Honestly, we are so used to everything on a silver platter that we forget reality. 1) if they would use such amount of powers to deal "only" with Us issues might have worked BEFORE. Now, HALF OF TH...

  • lunamoontiger2000_415 已評論,

    The issue that is very unclear to me is : I understand the time to translate new shows, but  shows more then 6 years  old,  that have been broadcasted with english subtitles on other networkS are t...

  • lunamoontiger2000_415 已建立貼文,

    Questions to CUSTOMERS ONLY.

    Hallo guys, I have been a Viky Plus customer for about two years. Prior to that I had Dramafever which I subcribed on with Amazon Prime. No doubt Viky has the biggest variety of shows, but how frus...

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  • lunamoontiger2000_415 已建立貼文,

    [Solved] Al out of love

    The video is not available.  I have Vicky Plus on Rocku and on my Mac. Both are not palying it. 

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