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Latest activity by arklexein
  • arklexein 已評論,

    Well it was a pleasure trying to fight alongside you people to get this feature to be repaired. I guess according to the article they deem learning mode unworthy of being looked at and apparently i...

  • arklexein 已評論,

    Peeps posting in this thread ain't gonna do anything for the cause , speak with your wallets and when you cancell the sub just select other as a reason and mention learning mode, see if that works ...

  • arklexein 已評論,

    They do not care apparently, maybe we should just try and speak with our wallets and just cancel. Maybe that way they might pay attention. 

  • arklexein 已評論,

    Literally joined after a long time partly because i wanted to use the learn tool and it turns out its not working... will just cancel and rejoin when you fix it, its ridiculous its not been working...