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Latest activity by mel4seven_417
  • mel4seven_417 已評論,

    Hi Everyone, Here's an update from the ticket I put in: "Thank you for your patience. Our engineers have gotten back to us and the issue with autoplay and next episode button on Roku has been fi...

  • mel4seven_417 已評論,

    When will the font size on the Viki app on Roku be corrected (or an option to increase font size be added)??? It is not sustainable nor reasonable to me to have to stand in front of the TV to read ...

  • mel4seven_417 已評論,

    The new Viki app on Roku is awful!!! This is not an upgrade but a total downgrade!!! It is not usable for me in the current state. Why? ***Autoplay does not work. ***The next episode button is miss...

  • mel4seven_417 已評論,

    I also contacted Roku. Here is there response: "If the issue persists, Please contact the Viki app support to resolve the issue. Each channel on the Roku platform is built and maintained by the cha...

  • mel4seven_417 已建立貼文,

    [Closed] New Roku app downgrade

    How can I undo the new Roku app upgrade??? The new version is awful!!! This is not an upgrade but a total downgrade!!! It's not user friendly. Why is the font and images soo small? I have a 60 in...

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