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Latest activity by eceerzn
  • eceerzn 已建立貼文,

    [Closed] I can't open the intro.

    I recently changed my WiFi operator and since then I am having trouble watching on Viki. I restarted my device, deleted data and even tried another device but it seems that the WiFi is the problem....

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  • eceerzn 已評論,

    This has been on here for 4 years already and we are still waiting... I used Viki 2 years ago too with subscription and that was something I really wanted. Please let us have this feature at least ...

  • eceerzn 已評論,

    I really want that feature too. It happens on any browser but not as much as it does on android app. Even if I watch the credits too, it just keeps showing as I didn't watch it..