Apple TV App Features


Bring Actors section from mobile app to the Apple TV app, as well as the ability to search by actor.



When I watch a series or movie, I often find actors I’d like to see more of. On mobile, this isn’t an issue. I just go to the series/movies page, scroll down, then tap on the actor. From there I can see a list of their work and choose which ones I’d like to watch.

Since I mostly use Viki on my Apple TV, this leads to an issue. If I want to see an actors work, I have to grab my phone, search the series/movie in the mobile app, go to the actor’s page, find ones I want to watch, add them to my watch list, then refresh the Apple TV app and go from there. It’d be much more convenient if this feature was brought to the Apple TV app and I could just do it all from one place.

Also, the ability to search by actor. If actor pages were brought to the app, this would be a trivial thing to implement since the backend work is already in place and it’s just a matter of pulling a list of actors from the database (not to mention it’s already in place on mobile).



Apple TV 4K, as well as any other STB streaming device that currently lacks this feature.



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