[Closed] Viki won't cast from my android app

I tried to cast Viki from my Xiaomi smart phone to my Samsung Smart TV via Google cast. It failed all the time. It was working fine previously. The video will load on my Xiaomi, then once it tried to cast, I got only black screen on my phone with forever syncing circle. On my TV I got a black screen, the sync circle showed up for 2 seconds and nothing happened. I have tried to revoot, my phone, unplugged my modem, disconnect the TV, uninstalled reinstalled Viki, logged out then in Viki again. Nothing worked.


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    Hi there!

    We're really sorry about this! Our engineers are working on a fix at the moment and we'll provide an update as soon as we can.

    I'd like to suggest that you follow this post for updates.

    Thank you,

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