[Closed] The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support.

I can't eve watch a few minutes of an episode without this happening. Even when I watch it on my TV by chrome cast, it disconnects the video and I have to go look for the video again and replay/reconnect it.



  • This is happening to me as well. I am using Google Chrome. i have also tried it on Edge and still the same issue.

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  • Hello there!

    Thank you for writing in to Viki Community Support.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with the HTML5 video player.

    To make sure this is not a browser issue can you please try the following?

    1. Restart your home internet network. For more details - Helpful steps to troubleshoot video issues
    2. Log out from your account
    3. Clean the cache and cookies on your browser. - How do I clear the cache and cookies on my web browser?
    4. Close the browser and restart it again.
    5. Log back into your Viki account
    6. Try again from another browser

    Are you still experiencing these issues with the video player? If so, please let us know!


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  • I did do as you said Joshua. I do it every time it happens and it's still happening. I tried using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer and it's still happening.

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  • Video playback always stops on my Dell computer. I use microsoft edge and google chrome but I get the same problem. I tried the troubleshooting but nothing works. It is very frustrating to watch on Viki.

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  • Hi everyone,

    We're sorry this is still an issue! We've gone ahead to create a new ticket via email and we'll be responding to you shortly.


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