Still having issues with 1% of something

Still having issues being able to watch 1% of something. It STILL won't load after everything I did that was suggested. I even cleared the cache every time I tried to watch it which was really annoying but its still freezes and wont load. No browser works with this show. Every other show I am able to watch in my region has the issues this show does. It would be a really great show to watch and I was really getting into it and I want to find out what happens next. I'm paying for the subscription too so I'm a bit frustrated now at not being able to get anywhere with this. 



  • I feel with you, but can't help you on this.

    You might want to make a request

    Or use twitter, if you have an account there.

    Viki will ask for information about your device, system browsers, screenshots, be sure to add that information. Since there is no comment on trouble with the videos, there might be something going on with your device. Anyway it's best to check with Viki. Unfortunately the weekend and a high demand of request replies might end in a few days waiting for a reply.

    Hope that you soon will be able to watch again. Good luck!

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