"Locked" Episodes Won't Play Even Though I Just Signed Up

I just signed up for a 7-day trial for a Plus account. Yet, "locked" episodes still won't play. They still present only the butttons asking me for an either standard or plus subscription even though I just did so!



  • Hi there!

    We're so sorry for the delay in reply!  I’m so sorry to read that you’re facing these issues with your Viki Pass benefits.

    If you subscribed via iTunes

    1. Make sure you are logged in with the Apple ID you used to subscribe in your iOS/Android device's Settings.
    2. Log in to your Viki account on the Viki app.
    3. At the menu at the bottom, tap on ME
    4. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner
    5. Scroll down to the Viki Pass section and tap on Restore Purchase

    If you do not see a Restore Purchase option, please take the following steps:

    1. At the menu at the bottom, tap on Home
    2. Tap on 'Get Viki Pass'
    3. Scroll down and tap 'Restore Purchase Now'

    If you experience problems restoring purchase, please send me a screenshot of the error message you're getting and a copy of your Viki Pass receipt.

    If you subscribed via Google Play or www.viki.com

    1. Please log out and log back into the same account that was used to subscribe.

    If you’re still facing issues thereafter, please do let us know.

    Thank you,

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  • I subscribed via viki.com and have already tried logging out and in many times. It still won't let me see these locked episodes.

    This is not much of a "free trial"!


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  • Hi there! 

    We're sorry to read this! Could you let me know which specific dramas and episodes you're trying to watch?


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  • Yeah it doesn't matter now. The free trial is only for a week.

    Basically, the supposed "free trial" for the "Plus" option doesn't work. I had tried watching the locked episodes for "Hotel del Luna" which was supposedly accessible to both standard and plus passes. Unless these are still not accessible for "free trials". In which case it's not much of a free trial.

    Anyway I ended up subscribing to a standard account. You might as well just advertise only the current sale on standard accounts as THAT option worked just fine.


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