Problem with sync? on a video we're trying to subtitle - Perfect Couple 27 is out of kilter? seg is not matching the sub editor!

I just put in a ticket but am wondering if there may be more than ours having trouble with this.


Essentially - our segmenting is not what's coming up in sub editor.  The location and number of blanks called for are NOT RIGHT!  first speech shown at 2:03 in sub editor is at 2:55 in seg timer AND it's wrong.  3 blanks called for by segmenting is not appearing, but 1 sort of "compressed sounding" blank at 2:03 appears in sub editor.  It also sounded when I listened to the next couple that it was entirely out of sync with the video.


I typed in 3 subs into the correct segmenting shown in seg timer and they are NOT appearing in sub editor either.


Clearly we need this looked at before investing more time in subbing this.  Thank you for your help!



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    Hi deadliftdiva_548,

    We're so sorry to read this! Are you still facing this issue?

    Let us know.


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  • Now I look for my writing and I find the video has begun AGAIN at 2:55 and there are my subs.


    It appears that about 50 seconds of additional video was spliced in at the start??? repeats for about a minute?  (whoa...)



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