Make the 'Choose your language' button at the bottom of Viki's main page available for all languages like before.


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    Hi guys,
    Thanks so much for bringing this up. We'll look into this and hope that we can implement some changes this in the near future.
    The way Viki Ideas works is that the higher the votes for an idea, the more it will be prioritized. So please look around and upvote the other ideas you see that you want to be implemented on Viki.
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    Thank you for posting this.

    Also, the cover pages have been affected. Only available for 9 languages

    It's all on Viki hands to bring back the all languages option as it was before

    Hope our prayers are heard soon!

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    The change is pointless and excludes people who do not speak any of those 9 languages. I hope they fix this soon. I'm feeling quite slighted tbh

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    I think this change is pretty pointless indeed. I'd prefer it being the way it used to be... It would probably also get more viewership across the globe for people who prefer the subs in their own language compared to English or others.

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    This is an unfortunate change, Removing other language options automatically excludes all other viewers who do not fully understand or read one of the 9 languages. The options viki had before were better.

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    The only thing I can think of is that the loading time of the pages are faster now, and it might "eat" less data this way.

    But is it worth it? Viki was (is, it still?) known to be a place of diversity and everyone was welcome. Most of us understand that there are certain limitations for licenses in regard of countries, but again, if there is a cut on languages it's not really a good point at all.

    You can't even explain people why some channels only have English subtitles!!! People don't go to the hidden places, or simply do not see that bar in light blue color. There are tons of complaints in the comment section, where no Viki, or almost no Viki staff ever show their "faces". It's a pity to see. Coming to Viki, you need to jump from one point to another and back again to get information.

    The real problem is that Viki turned their users into viewers with demands only, they do not care about other things than getting what they want. And information why they can't get what they want is not one of their priorities.

    I once had a channel with First Aid help at Viki with all the most needed links to find what you need at Viki, sometimes I wished it was back, because Viki's way of informing users is just too confusing. There is of course a lot of information, but most people just don't find it. Then there is a limitation of languages again, and sometimes no regular answering schedule at the support. You have a broad diversity of information going on but it feels like a shout out from the roof of the Tower of Babel (and I do not mean the drama here). You have facebook, twitter and so many other ways of information yet nothing runs in one direction.

    I wish Viki to have diversity, but when it comes to information I wished Viki would be more consistent and reliable.


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    this is so pointless, bad that this happens :(

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    This so sad to see :(( 

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    You can now fill in this survey so that Viki knows which languages are used for volunteering:


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    It seems Viki is not really considering bringing the languages back :(