.Why aren't Mandarin subtitles available on all dramas by default?

As far as I know, all Mainland Chinese (and probably Taiwanese, albeit in traditional characters) dramas and movies are released with official Mandarin subtitles, so why are there so many dramas on Viki that don't have Mandarin subtitles (or have incomplete ones)? It seems like volunteers are doing the job of transcribing the audio, which should be unnecessary. If you're licensing the content, you must be able to get the subtitles as well, so why not just add them by default to all Mandarin content? It would greatly help translators as they wouldn't have to rely just on their ears, and it would make learn mode available on many, many more shows & movies, as well as immediately providing Mandarin subtitles for advanced learners & native speakers.


Am I mistaken about the availability of subtitles? Or is there some other reason they're not added?



  • I also want to know since I would love to watch shows using Chinese subtitles since I am learning Mandarin. I don't need dual subtitles or 'learn' mode - just the ability to choose Chinese subtitles instead of any other language. Some shows have them, but the majority do not - why is that?

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