A better Viki

I joined because I love watching Korean Dramas and Chinese Dramas.  This is the problem, right now because these movies don't have English 100%, I'm waiting and waiting to finish each of them. up. The wait is a long time.

These are the following movies:  The Legend of Hao Lan, Master Sun, The Crowned Clown, A Pledge to God, Fates and Furies. The problem is to remember where I stopped on each story.  Now I started to check to see if all episodes are available in English no waiting to finish them up.

I know translation is a problem as you have only volunteers, but that isn't the way to run a business.  You need to pay translators to translate each movie in full when you put each movie on Viki, this is what customers are paying for, (a movie they can watch in their language).

Next, you really need an online chat available for help.  At least the customer would think you care about there subscription i.e. Viki.  In short, you need to upgrade your site.  You have enough money to do so as I looked up your resources.  

I plan to write the Director Chairman President & CEO of Rakuten, to voice my opinion of the weakness of Viki along with the positive of the movies that are offered.  Perhaps with another view from the United States, it will be food for thought and a plus by upgrading in the future.

Lorie Rassouli




  • 100% agreed! Subscribers pay a fee on Viki for the content just like one would do for Netflix or Hulu. Viki at least should hire an Eng localization team for subtitle translation if EMEA and North America qualify as core markets. Netflix has formed a business alliance with KR studios, and is able to get content prior to release for in-house translation. What Viki is offering truly makes my PLUS membership not worth it.

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