roku “CC Press * to change subtitle Language”

“CC Press * to change subtitle Language”

I have asked multiple times (15x) since June to remove this statement and developers are ignoring my request. 

I don’t know why anyone would want to change the language they view to anything other than their native language, which is already in setup when you initially take your ROKU home from the store.  But if someone truly wants that option they have to be in the minority.

Why, WHY, WHY??? must this statement cover the subtitles???

If this statement has to be there at all, PUT IT IN UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF SCREEN.  KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE SUBTITLES!!! 




  • I agree it would be helpful if it could be moved (upper right corner of the screen in smaller font?) - it does indeed cover subtitles when one has to rewind and pause to read an especially long/fast subtitle. On the other hand, I think the message is a helpful one. I did want to try to change the language option - I am trying to study Korean and was looking for the new Learn Mode (to no avail) where subtitles are shown in both the native language and one's own. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be an option on the Roku yet - although maybe it was just the program I was watching?... However, if they do introduce it to the Roku, it's a legit reason people may wish to toggle captions - for example, between just their native language and the duality of Learn Mode. Fingers crossed!!

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  • No need to cross fingers. You will just get a cramp! This is a dead topic to the developers.  They could care less about the thousands and thousands of hours the Subtitlers spend to deliver subtitles to the international viewers like us.  Their hard work is covered up.  What a crying shame!! Pitiful!

    Think about it....Even if you are one of those that would change your language.....It would be covered up!!!! in any language.

    How stupid is that?  Thank you for your kindness in response.

    (By the way...Roku has a Learn Korean App. called "Innovative Korean" $.99 cents a month!  Check it out!!!)

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  • Thanks for the tip, @1952scr_922 - I will definitely check out the app!

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