Incomplete subtitles / abandoned dramas

For the new volunteers of the translations and subtitles, they could put a better filter to find new projects without translations in their language. For there are many dramas that have been dropped by the moderators and even the '' owners '' of the channel. It's really sad.

It should have a check of each drama for the removal of the moderators and owners who have left out the drama for more than 1 year, so the dramas would have full subtitles.



  • I very much like your suggestion. But there is something Viki must fix first to be able to do that.

    Technically there is something wrong with how Viki counts percentage of drama completion. If a drama has 9 episodes at 100% and 7 episodes at 0%, Viki counts the drama as 100% completed. If it had the 10th episode at 50%, then the whole drama would be marked as 95% translated.

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