May we have a HIGHLIGHT or something - STAFF IN OR OUT?

Kristie - at times we write to Jimmy_L or Camille and need something rather urgently - or to you, right? :)

@kristie  used to at least get us attention on Discussions..but now...

Is there some way to build in a feature JUST for staff - where we as volunteers can PULL UP A SPECIAL list that tells us ARE YOU THERE?  OR your profile?  maybe your usual hours of operation?  

So...if we are finding a disaster happening - say an IT one - who is available for us to contact quickly?  Say also someone on call on weekends...globally? :)

Or in the case of the reference subtitles missing - as happened today with Untouchable Lovers 47 - I contacted Jimmy - but cannot tell if he's in or on vacation?  So...if he's in, hopefully tomorrow the meantime, we get an ep a day? 

It would be something really awesome if we could know who to get ahold of quickly - perhaps even just a status bar HERE as to who is in.


OR if their STAFF badge HIGHLIGHTED WHEN they are here?


I know it's a lot to ask, but after the last meltdown...:)


<i>Untouchable Crunchy Donuts</i>



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    Hey Untouchable Crunchy Donuts,

    Moving this to Viki Ideas since this is a feature request.

    We're definitely looking into ways to inform users of our availability.

    In the mean time, if you encounter any problems, please write in to our Help Center or on our Community Help Center page. As our Support team has full access to them, there will always be someone around to address and look into these issues regardless of who is on vacation.


    P.S. I'll be away the next week. But rest assured, Mariliam and the rest of the team will still be around to keep check over any issues you report here and via Help Center tickets :)

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