Dramas appearing in the explore page of regions that don't have a licence.

Viki licences vary a lot by region, especially since the Kocowa content became (un)available.

If a drama doesn't have the licence for a region, i think it would be best if it didn't appear in the explore page of users from that region. Or at least display a message that they are not available, like the Android app.

For example, I live in Greece. Whenever a new drama pops up there, I click it in excitement only to realize that 90% of the time it's not available in my region. It feels like I'm being teased...

P.S. Same thing happens with the newsletter when new dramas are available.



  • You' re right, it's disappointing. But some dramas not available in our region are available to QCs. Then the algorythm should also take into account not only your location but also your viki status, in order to decide on whether to show or not show a video to you. 

    Personally, I wouldn't want them not to be shown if they don't have a license in my region, because if I know they are here and I find them interesting, I can, ehm.. find... ehm... alternative ways. 

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