[Closed] Picking CMs problems


I don't know how to say it, but in the choice of picking CM, can you pick people who knows how the process of segmenting > subtitling > editing in English > releasing for other languages > editing in other languages is working? With a least A subtitles, with at least A projects where they had a role, with at least A projects where they were Moderators?

Not with A = 1000000K subtitles but at least someone who had the time to be used to this process and who have understood how it is working.

Because it's hard for everyone in the team afterwards to explain everything (but really, everything) to someone who doesn't know anything from this process. And to fix everything, it asks more time for other volunteers and it makes us flee from channels with problems and it condemns the channel. or it asks more time even to translate something decent! 

Not only, it creates problems for the drama (not locking, abusers coming, recruiting anyone (segmenters, subtitlers, English editors who are new or not enough consistent), releasing without checking anything...) How can we let a chance to this drama or to viewers to watch something correct if the CM who is picked is no ready because doesn't know enough how it is working.

It's like putting a child in front of the steering wheel, in most of cases the car is crashing.

It's really hard to work with people who don't make efforts to take the time to be used to Viki process and who just skip some important steps.

It's something some volunteers and I noticed for some channels. 

I know that the CM picking is made to be fairer, but it shouldn't low down quality or make more fastidious work for other volunteers to fix afterwards what the CM should know from the beginning. 

There are some people who make some efforts to be used to this process and who worked hard. Why some can be CMs whereas they are not making efforts and who are obviously not ready? 



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