Episode Screencaps as Spoilers

Looking at the requirements for posts on this discussion, it says to outline the what, why, and where; so I'll just go ahead and clearly do that:

What: Screencaps for episodes contain spoilers! 

Why: Screencaps for episodes can still be engaging, but they shouldn't show spoilers. For example, screencaps shouldn't show characters kissing (that is the main spoiler I have come across). Kissing scenes are highly anticipated by the audience, and it is a bummer to have them spoiled by seeing them in the screencap. I have also seen wedding scenes in screencaps, which seems like a big no-no to me. Furthermore, I count showing characters gravely wounded/in a hospital as a spoiler.

Where: Some examples: Secret Garden (eps 6, 14-kiss spoilers), Beautiful Mind (ep 11-kiss spoiler), Witch's Court (ep 6-kiss spoiler, ep 16-character spoiler) Jugglers (ep 8-kiss spoiler), Coffee Prince (ep 17-romance spoiler), DOTS (ep 16-plot spoiler)

I hope when choosing screencaps for shows, Viki will make sure they are completely spoiler free! I hate seeing spoilers for later in the series when I just am trying to find the episode I am currently on and watch that one. For people who don't like to be surprised, they can go and look at recaps.

Seriously though, Viki is great, and I appreciate everyone who comes together to keep this site running. 




  • I view them not as spoilers but as teasers. It makes you want to watch the episode. I thought that's their reason to be. 

    And of course we all know that they may be fake too. For instance, a character just dreams or phantasizes about a kiss or wedding which doesn't happen in reality. There have been many such instances! Previews too, they like to troll us that way. 

    I am one of those people who doesn't mind spoilers at all. I wouldn't want a detailed description of what events lead to it, of course. But the fact that in a romantic comedy the leads will kiss at some point (or even get married at the end) is obvious to everybody, so where's the spoiler?  We also know who the leading pair are, because they are obviously the first names on the drama's poster and press releases. We even know on which episode the kiss will happen. In 16-ep series the kiss is on ep.8 and in 20-ep series, the kiss is on ep.10. With very few exceptions. 

    When we all know this, does it really count as a spoiler?

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  • @irmar

    Thanks for the response :)

    If I find something a spoiler, and you don't, wouldn't it be better to err on the side of caution so that no one feels like anything is being spoiled? I would agree that teasers definitely show kiss and other scenes as happening when they are really just dreams or fantasies, but I've never encountered a screencap that did that.

    Also, I think you are overgeneralizing. I have watched many kdramas were the kiss was not on a certain episode number. Moreover, I have watched kdrama romantic comedies that never included a kiss, much less marriage! I am not trying to say I don't know who is going to get together in the end (your right that it is obvious), I personally just really dislike knowing what episodes big romantic events, like kisses, happen on. I also want to make sure that there are no character spoilers in screen caps, like sudden hospitalization or seeing characters that were supposed to be dead.

    For both romantic and character spoilers, it is not that I or anyone else would not be able to easily predict that they are coming, but people like me can invoke suspension of disbelief. However, we can not do so if screencaps already plainly show us what is going to happen, which for me takes enjoyment out of the show. 

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  • Well, it's not that I'm against them avoiding the "spoilerish" screencaps. Either way, I'm ok. But, as I said, I'm afraid they are choosing those on purpose to lure viewers. 


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  • They very well might be. I just thought I would let them know what I thought. People have told me they really value feedback.

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  • I see it as spoiler too. Is there away to change the order episodes are display ? When I open my show page the newest episode shows first and of course it contains a screencap with spoiler. I tried to watch live alert and the screencap shows the wedding. Hello?! What J would like to watch a drama if I know the ending.

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