The shows I'm following and the suggestions I get for other shows don't make sense to me...the suggestions aren't even similar to the shows I followed

Hey Viki!

First off, thank you for all that you do for us viewers! You're truly amazing! :) 

I've got a question for you about the shows you recommend to me based off of the ones I'm following. I'm a bit confused at the notifications I get for suggestions for other shows. I mean no disrespect to anyone here, but the suggestions seem to have no connection at all to the shows I'm following. They don't seem to be the same genre or have any of the same actors, and sometimes they're not even from the same country of the show I followed. I've tried to figure out what the connection is, but really they just seem like random suggestions. My assumption was that I would be given suggestions for similar shows that I've enjoyed, but at this point I'm thinking of just unfollowing all shows because I'm not seeing a purpose in following them. Can you help me understand this?

Thanks so much! :)



  • Ha ha, spot on. They ARE random! Don't expect detailed behind-the-scenes algorythms to determine your tastes based on past history and voting, such as on youtube or on amazon. It just does not exist here. 

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  • Yeah, I think we all might have the same suggestions. I mean, 25% of my suggestions are my projects and 50% stuff I already watched a long time ago.

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