Automatic content language option


Show Viki site in the wanted content language automatically.


Because it's hard to find content language button and understand Viki at first, so, for example, a Lithuanian viewer doesn't see which dramas are in Lithuanian.




  • So how would viki understand if you're Lithuanian? Because your ISP is in Lithuania? What about foreign people temporarily living in or visiting a country different than theirs, but not knowing the language?

    If I go visit China, and I want to enter the Internet with the hotel wifi on my laptop or tablet, everything will be in Chinese and I will want to kill myself. 

    Automatic localization is a great evil in my opinion. 

    Or you're talking only about signed in users? In that case they would know the country you said you're from and your preferred language. But we volunteers often switch languages to view the cover pages we made. 

    For instance, I am Italian Greek but I always prefer to view content in English, so that I don't get angry at poor translations. 

    However, when I am Italian moderator I have to switch to Italian to see the cover page I just made. And I also switch to Italian if I am searching for new projects and I immediately want to see which episodes are already subbed and the percentages.  And when I am Greek moderator I switch to Greek for some time, and if I am English Editor, back to English. 

    If the website automatically kept changing to something it "thinks" is good for me without my control, I'd be extremely pissed. 

    What is annoying, on the other hand, is that when you reply to a disqus comment not from the page but from the notifications panels opening on the right of the screen, it takes you to that page in the language the commenter was on, and thereafter the whole of viki is in that language. I really can't get the reason of this useless thing, and I'd appreciate it if they fixed it. 

    It would be nice if the language buttons were more obvious, though. Like on the top right of the window instead of at the very bottom. 

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