Volunteer finder needs a complete makeover!


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    Great idea!

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    muito bom gostei

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    You just wrote all that I have been thinking during the last couple of years! Volunteer finder needs to be updated so that the volunteers (new and old) will be able to find the work and vice versa.

    I am a moderator for quite a small language so it's really frustrating to try to find the new volunteers from the huge mass of people. I really would like to help the new ones right from the start and on other hand get some "old-new faces" into my teams so it would be great to see who is interested and available...

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    Good ideas. I especially like the segmenting volunteer database suggestion. I'm surprised one doesn't exist already.

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    They said that the idea which gets most votes will be considered by Viki engineers. So far there's been nothing on this subject. Let's wait and see...

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    What needs to be re-introduced in the "Top 20 contributor for a specific language in a week" list. It was the only way for us, Arab moderators, to find active subbers. We have the community page which shows best 50 users for a month, what we need is a filter to show active contributor in each language.