New Subtitle Editor Features

The subtitle editor hasn't had any big update in a long time, so I'm hoping for some new tools that can ease the work of subtitlers/segmenters regarding redundant tasks.

Some tasks during subbing could easily be made easier with new features/tools. (Note: The implementation is often easier for OL translation rather than all subbing)

E.g.: OST and Flashbacks

Often times, OST repeats and as a subber we have to copy and paste, copy and paste. A tool could recognize those OST and song lyrics and fill in the segment with the agreed translation (by the mod/editor). In order to check for possible errors and also give the subber the contribution, the user could than simply click accept or don't accept and change the subtitle accordingly. 

Similarily it could work for flashback scenes as well.

The easier implementation for OL languages would base the this automatic recognition on the segments and subtitles provided by the English teams. Another possible implementation that would benefit all groups of contributor would base the similarity on the audio waves or visual cues to automatically create the segments, etc.

Mass Editing

During editing it happens from time to time, that certain words are changed after all or names are now written differently or in OL the level of speech is changed. With a mass editing tool that would allow to change all occurence of certain words all across a part/episode/whole show like a "Search and Replace" would help the editor making also changes later in the editing without having to go through e.g. 20 episodes again.



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