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    Hi there!

    Thank you for your suggestions! I'll be addressing request #1for the purpose of the Planned tag added above. 

    We are in the process of adding a Free filter on Explore very soon! 

    Not Planned:

    For request #2, the year filter was removed due to lack of use. There was a very small percentage of use, of course, but not enough to warrant it to stay. For the time being, it was removed to make space for the Viki Pass filter. We will be looking into bringing this back in the future, but no promises. 

    For request #3, this is something we want to address via Project Finder improvements, rather than Explore filters for the time being. 

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    First I have to say, I typed - explore shows - and nothing showed, so I started a topic with that title and now irmar's post showed. I wished in general Viki filters would work more precise.


    Back to the topic - Your number 2 is my number 1 - a search for the airing year would be great, I want it back, I am not to pleased with a decade range, 5 years f.e. 2001-2005, or 2006-2010 would be my limit.

    Or at least an alphabetic order.

    And, not or, the option to differ from tv shows, such as dramas and variety. If I watch something, I watch drama, I don't like to read through all the DIY channels and such.

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    Wonderful! Someone has actually read this and given it thought! I'm almost crying there. 

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    This is something we're looking into doing way more frequently, every quarter. This is just the start :)