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dreamfall92 最近的活动
  • Promo sale

    Who thought this terms/restrictions were a good idea? Since I don't own a credit card (no idea why you still offer only ONE payment method via web browser) this sale is useless for me as a "would ...

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    [Solved] Lawless Lawyer situation

    LL is a cable drama how come Viki is the Channel Manager and this drama is supposed to only have English subtitles? I thought only Kocowa dramas had subs provided by the content provider.

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    [Solved] Comments not showing up under discussions tab in Viki App

    Just noticed a new problem with the Android App. On drama channels and videos both discussions tabs are empty and I can't see any comments. Here is a screenshot for better understanding: Link

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    Customizable subtitles for PC & TV apps

    I was happy to find out we can finally customize subtitles via Viki's mobile App. Are you planning to add this feature to browser and other apps (TV, FireTV etc.)?

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