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  • No regional restrictions for QC volunteers

    Why? If you implement this, it's a win-win situation. For everybody.  1. FOR THE VOLUNTEERS It's the minimum gesture of appreciation for the countless hours of unpaid work many of us put in.  Volu...

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    [NEW FEATURE] Expiring licenses notification

    If a license is about to expire without thoughts of renewing it, it would be common courtesy to let people know know 3 months in advance 1. For the viewers. On the drama’s page, so that people can ...

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  • Regulate Reviews and Ratings

    We have all seen the disgraceful state of the Reviews feature. All the people who leave a bad review because it's not licensed in their region, or a good review because their favourite star is in i...

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  • Volunteer finder needs a complete makeover!

    The volunteer finder is completely useless right now The reality is that moderators never use the Volunteer Finder. Why? Because it's useless!For some reason, the only names found there are people ...

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  • What to do about abandoned projects?

    Abandoned/inactive projects, especially those which have been abandoned by the English teams, are a problem. Volunteers tend to seek the excitement of new shows, possibly on-air ones, with popular ...

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    Official statement about subtitles for vikipass subscribers

    Clearer statement for vikipass purchasers There should be a way to minimize the flood of comments saying "I'm paying so why aren't there no subs yet". by stating clearly that vikipass does not incl...

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  • [Closed] Viki inbox necessary improvements

    I know that many have already written about the Viki inbox. Some ideas I like better, some I don't. So here is my take on the subject. You will find my approach much simpler. I don't want you to bu...

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  • Project finder page needs improvement

    PROJECT FINDER PAGE   All projects tab (for subbers) - Get rid of the link to Subtitle Editor, as it encourages newbies to directly go there and sub, probably without even reading guidelines etc. R...

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  • Better organization of our Profile and Project Page

    ABOUT ME PAGE Please make the text editor richer, by adding the possibility to have a background colour or background image and also give the possibility not only to add a table but also to edit ex...

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    Improvements in the Explore page

    1. SHOW WHICH SHOWS ARE FREE TO WATCH without either vikipass or vikipass plus It is possible (I'm not sure) that if one is a free user, only free shows licensed to your region will be shown (this ...

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