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Latest activity by cybpy1_547
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    gasenadi   Amen. Without us it would NOT have been this POPULAR as it is today. This is what we get! Thanks but NO THANKS....

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    They now loading shows on Viki that where on here before and there is no translation for it.....AGAIN and I am not in the mood to translate those old shows AGAIN for them. I understand why this pol...

  • cybpy1_547 进行了评论,

    It is not much fun anymore to watch and work as a volunteer for Viki.  Many people are loosing the good vibes that Viki had. For me at least the good vibe is gone. I hope this will turn around for ...

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    Thank you. Maybe soon I will find someone. If not, you will hear from me within 50 days. (I have still 61 days)   Bye.

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    .CQ problems

    I am a CQ, but I have no perks anymore. Even when I sent request to translate a show I do not even get an answer????? So this down below is NOT true: What I can suggest though, is that you work tow...

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  • cybpy1_547 创建了一个帖子,

    No reaction on requests

    Does anyone have problems when you sent a request to translate a show then there is NO RESPONSE???? How can I keep my CQ status if I have no show to translate no more????   cybpy1_547

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