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Latest activity by jesicaahlberg_25
  • jesicaahlberg_25 进行了评论,

    yes, Irmar, Kuraimegami is correct... you can do it that way, but it still doesn't show you which episode you left off on. This is a technical issue that Viki should address. I understand the conce...

  • jesicaahlberg_25 进行了评论,

    I completely agree with this. It is not organized well, and doesn't show me where I left off in shows I haven't watched in a while. They should copy what Netflix does for ease of browsing and history.

  • jesicaahlberg_25 进行了评论,

    This is an extremely important feature VIKI is lacking. As someone who travels a lot, I have to download shows from Netflix for the airplane, so I am not using Viki until I finish the new show I st...