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  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    I don't mind Watch History for those who really want it. All I ask is that Viki please not put it on our Watch History plus on our profile page. For those of us who volunteer on projects, who need ...

  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    You can offer to subtitle or segment on the Discussion Forum: https://discussions.viki.com/   Once someone chooses you to subtitle/segment on the show they are managing, you get added to that show ...

  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    So I'm looking at my Continue Watching on my computer. I have two screens open so I can be accurate. Viki tells me I'm on Episode Four of The Wonder Woman and there's a blue line telling me exactly...

  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    On the very front page, when Viki opens, you will see Continue Watching and lower down you will see Watch List. That is your personalized watch history and lower is the list of shows that you want ...

  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    My son got me AP, but there's nothing on there I like to watch. When our internet goes down due to a storm, I cannot access my Viki app. I don't know how that would help when you're someplace witho...

  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    1) NF, HL and AP offer only one month free trial. Viki offers free subscription. 2) NF has over 182 million paying streaming subscribers. Viki has about one fifth the amount and many are non-payin...

  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    How can any Tech experts prevent piracy of Viki licensed shows if downloading is made available? If they allow you to download, there is no stopping anyone from downloading. You may not be a thief,...

  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    Watch History is now on the very front page when you open your Viki account. I had this same thing happen to me yesterday. I tried to find the header for Watch History and then I realized it is all...

  • worthyromance 创建了一个帖子,

    Please link the Community Discussion Forum with our Viki accounts.

    Language moderators and Channel Managers have a difficult time finding Viki accounts for volunteers. We need an easier way to know if someone has only a discussions account but not a Viki account. ...

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  • worthyromance 进行了评论,

    I find that buffering issues are due to your internet provider and not from Viki. Members with fiber-optic internet do not have buffering issues.