Add Total Episodes/Air Dates/Network Information on Channel Pages

I'd love it if Viki could add this information on the Channel Page

  • the total number of episodes the drama is set to have, not just the number of episodes that have arrived on Viki
  • the original network air dates (Eg. Monday, Tuesday) so everyone knows how many episodes will arrive per week
  • the network name (Eg. Tencent Video/ KBS2)


This information is helpful to viewers, because the network and number of episodes are useful to factor in when choosing a new drama to watch. It's especially convenient for volunteers because it helps decide how much time they will have to dedicate to the drama before they make a commitment by applying to join a team. (On a side note, it would be nice if everyone knew where the Viki TV Guide is... I was here for two years and didn't know about it until another user posted a link to it.)
Currently, I have to switch from website to website to find all this information. 

I've also noticed that a lot of viewers misunderstand and wonder whether Viki has left out episodes while the drama is still airing. 



It would be nice if all this information could be added to the Channel Page.



  • We've been asking for these and similar things for years. See here. To no avail. 

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  • They used to show air dates, so I don't know why they stopped. But I never know when a drama is going to be finished, and I usually like to wait until they're finished to watch so I can binge.

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  • How to go to channel page?

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