Song Subtitles Removal

I would also like the option to not have song subtitles. They do interupt the original subtitles, making it to quick or hard to read. What I also don't understand is song subtitles being displayed that are ready in the language. English subtitles for an English spoken song, its redundant. Thank you for your time.


  • English subtitles for an English spoken song are not redundant, especially if the singer is Korean. Most of the times we definitely needs subtitles to understand what they're saying. But even in the case of English-speaking singers, sometimes you can't make out clearly what's being sung. 

    They are also useful for the hard of hearing. 

    But the main reason why we put them there is so that they can be translated by all the Other Languages. Other language subbers can't be expected to listen and translate. 

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