Manually mark episode as played / watched

Sometimes an episode I have watched becomes marked as unwatched - for example, if I click on it accidentally. This episode then shows as the next one to watch on the interface forever. It's far too fiddly to replay the ending.

It would therefore be great to have the ability to manually mark the episode as watched. I know at least one person has asked before ( but the request was not transferred to the Ideas forum.




  • This must be a thing because sometimes you want to re-watch your favorite show and It's so annoying to go back the whole episode to the beginning.

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  • I am looking for this too. Especially because I often watch with friends on different accounts and everyone continues for their own later. 

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  • Aggravating. I've also had it happen without clicking on the older episode--as if the stopping point didn't get updated/saved.  Possibly has occurred when I clicked to watch the next episode when the current one was still rolling credits? IDK, but seems like a manual method would be simple to implement (if they wanted to.)

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