Video TOO LARGE for Laptop Screen

I keep trying to go back to the Original Small screen but no place to make changes.  I'm not even watching

the full screen version.  It is really annoying me.  I HATE the new format, it gives the customer watching no

options.  Is it going to be like this from now on?  Even tried to lower zoom option....still won't help.  How can I get a response to

this problem???




  • Does it look for you like this?

    Then we might have the same problem.

    We got the information that the appearance probably won't experience any further changes, as for functions there is still a chance for changes.

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  • Hi rachela1942_947,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on the new video player.

    If there are any specific features you would like on the new player, please click here to visit Viki Ideas and submit a suggestion.

    If you need help or would like to report bugs about the new player, do share more details (screenshots included) to our Help Center at

    Hi lutra,

    We've just released an update on the web player with some bug fixes.

    Could you let us know if you're still facing the big subtitle issue on your browser? 

    Thank you,

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  • I don't see what the advantage is to have this new format with NO options.  At least previously there

    was the option not to have to watch this new format.  The whole picture as well as giant subtitles

    just jumps out at you.  Isn't there a possibility to return to the old format of a smaller screen picture??

    I will bet I am not the only one complaining about this change.  Very annoying to deal with expecially

    when we are paying for the service...I would think that that fact would be considered.  

    I cannot send URL picture since I am not that tech saavy.

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  • Hi Michelle,

    when I changed it after getting the suggestion from subtitles font size small to normal. The subtitle appeared "small" as usual. So I didn't go back to the subtitle option, however after opening it now I see that the size of the subtitles are back at small, without me actively choosing it. Maybe I had another video open and the "Viki memory" set it back to small. I don't know however, they are now like they were in the past at least for me.

    Btw I mentioned that in the post of the link I put in my comment, except for the point that the setting changed back from small to normal. So this is back for good, but there are still some points that leave much to be desired.

    Stay healthy!

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  • Hi rachela1942_947,

    As we have another ticket with more details opened with you via the Help Center, please help to reply there as well so we may better assist you with any issues or feedback. Thank you!

    Hi lutra,

    Thanks for letting us know that you're no longer facing the subtitle issue.

    As for your post, rest assured that we have shared it with our team :)


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  • I agree, the new player is horrible, it's unusable on standard laptop screens. Even on 65" tv it's horrible. Comments cover 1/5 of the screen, bold, too big. The menu bar cover 1/4 of the screen, and keeps appearing as you move mouse / pause video which is ridiculous. A small one was much better and would not hide the screen.

    Only tyrants force others to do something without giving options, doing this to paid customers is a big joke.

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